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Rattan Land Guarantee

We guarantee your furniture against faulty workmanship for 1 year

Rattan Land requests you set realistic expectations of your furniture. We expect it to be well maintained and looked after.

We do not guarantee:

  1. That moving parts will not require lubrication or adjustment.
  2. Against changes in texture, colour and general appearance of rattan or upholstery.
  3. Any type of accidental damage. In particular the result of moving or handling the furniture.
  4. Possible emergence of wood boring insects holes. All timber is treated to prevent this occurance to a minimum.
  5. That an identical item will be offered in the event of replacement. Nor any claim may have a higher monetary value than the product being claimed against.
  6. Against changes in materials due to use or factors in your local environment, or against accidental damage, deliberate damage, mis-use & fair wear and tear.